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Backing tracks conditions of use

Backing Track Licensing Agreement

All backing tracks remain the property of Cooltracks Backing Tracks at all times and are offered for license only. This is a professional licensing agreement and not a retail agreement. No goods form any part of this agreement.
A license to use backing tracks as an accompaniment to live performance is granted only to the licensee named. Once purchased, the license cannot be cancelled by licensee. Your license grants you the right to legally use your backing tracks only for your own performances. You cannot use them to produce Records, CD’s, DVD’s or Audio Cassettes.
You must not copy, give away, swap or sell or broadcast any of your licensed backing tracks. Doing so is an infringement of your licence and of Copyright and has severe penalties. Your license to use the backing tracks purchased will be deemed invalid in the event of a breach of any or all of the terms and conditions stated herein, rendering any further use by licensee of the backing tracks illegal. No other rights are granted by the license.
Using this website will support the music makers and protect producers from the damage caused by websites offering illegal free backing track download.
These Terms may vary from time to time.
This agreement is made in Australia and in the event of any dispute arising regarding this agreement, same will be settled under the law(s) of Australia within the jurisdiction of the courts within Australia.