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How to find and purchase your backing tracks

Finding and purchasing a backing track on our website is easy. Here is an overview of how it works.

1. Finding your backing track.
Backing tracks can be found by either searching using the search panel, by musical genre or by the artists name.
Search using the Search Panel
To search using the search panel, type in a song title or artists name and press the green arrow to begin the search.
Search by Musical Genre
To search by musical genre, left mouse click on the drop-down box to select your desired genre.
Search by Artist
To search by artist, left mouse click on the drop-down box to select the desired artist.
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2. Listening to the backing track.
You can listen to a demo of the backing track by clicking on the Listen button.
Backing track demos will play using the Macromedia Flash plug-in. Your browser should have this plug-in already installed. If not you can download it here  and easily install the plug-in.

backing track download instructon

3. Select your backing track version.
All our backing tracks are available without certain instruments. Left mouse click on the drop-down box (shown circled below) to select your desired backing track version. If you need help choosing the correct version for you, click on the help link just below the drop-down menu.

your backing track purchase

4. Purchase your backing track.
To purchase your backing track, click on ´Add to Cart´ (shown circled below) button. Your backing track will be added to your shopping cart.

backing track download instructon

5. Go to the checkout.
You can now choose to go to the checkout and pay for your backing track, by clicking on the ´Checkout´ button (shown circled below). You can also choose to continue shopping and purchase other backing tracks. Any new purchase will automatically be added to your shopping cart. If you would like to remove a backing track from the shopping cart, simply click on the the ´Remove box´ next to the backing tracks image and click the ´Up Date Cart´ Button.

backing tracks for singers

6. Select your Payment Method.
We offer 3 payment methods for purchasing our backing tracks. Paypal, Paymate and Direct Bank Deposit/Transfer (EFT). Selecting Paypal or Paymate gives you immediate access to your backing tracks, whereas with Direct Bank Transfer, your funds must clear before you can download your backing tracks. This usually takes about 2 days.
When you have chosen your preferred payment method, click the ´Continue´ button to proceed to the final step.

backing track for professionals

7. Make your payment.
Before you make your payment, please check that you have purchased the correct backing tracks and the correct version. If you need to change your purchase, you can easily do this by clicking the ´Edit´ link for the particular change you require. You can change the backing track titles, your Payment address or Payment Method. Before we can process your purchase, you must agree to our backing track usage license. You will be prompted to agree to this when you click the ´Confirm Order´ button.
Now you are ready to make your payment you can click the ´Confirm Order´ button. Once your transaction has been confirmed, you will be automatically and immediately taken to your account where you can download your backing tracks.

backing track to download

When purchasing using Paypal

Immediately after you payment has been accepted on the Paypal website, you will be automatically re-directed back to the Cooltracks website. It is important to wait until this process has completed. If this process is interrupted, our website will assume that your payment was declined and you will not have purchased your backing tracks.